Career opportunities after taking accountant courses

Accountants are considered math geeks because they have to tabulate endless and mind-numbing streams of numbers. Nevertheless, the accountant’s job requires much more than math skills. It is a mixture of problem-solving, analysis and detective work because it requires you to effectively deal with people and have good communication abilities. People assume it to be easy whereas the job’s responsibilities are much more diverse. This is the reason that demand for icb bookkeeping and accounting courses has grown by 18% from 2006 to 2019 according to Training Link. The needs for accountants in various careers is vast and they work for individuals, companies, as well as governments to run the firms, keep the records and pay the taxes effectively. Here are the career opportunities for accountants:

  1. Self-employed:

Accountants can work individually or in a partnership with other accountants. For such a job you must have your CPA licence. The independent accountants consult small businesses and also prepare tax returns. The services can be specialized in certain industries.

  1. Management accountants:

Management accountants work for various companies by being a part of teams. They enable the company leader to analyze the information in order to make decisions. This information is also used by the executives to prepare financial reports which are distributed to the creditors, shareholders, IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and regulatory agencies.

  1. Government accountants:

The state, federal and local governments employ the accountants for a number of reasons. They are responsible to do books for the agencies and also are responsible to audit the businesses or individuals who conform to the regulations of government or are required to pay taxes. Such accountants who have jobs in the federal governments are employed by the IRS and are sometimes responsible to audit some branches of the government organizations in order to ensure that the financial objectives are being met.

  1. Public accountants:

This is the broadest fields of accounting because public accountants are responsible for accounting tax as well as consulting and auditing services for corporations, governments, nonprofits, as well as individuals. The public accountants are mostly Certified Public Accountants, however, their concentration is given to few services, for example, they prepare tax for individuals and businesses and also audit financial statements.

  1. Internal auditors:

The internal auditors’ jobs are fun because they work as detectives. They are required to examine the internal controls of the organization and attempt to find the inaccuracy, fraud or mismanagement.

  1. Forensic accounting:

Forensic accountants all day work requires unfolding financial fraud and taking the perpetrators in the prison. This sector of accounting is fastest growing as companies are met with high profile cases of fraud and lose billions of dollars.

  1. Environmental accounting:

Since the green movements are ever growing the environmental accountants are responsible to analyze the pollution prevention costs for manufacturing while comparing it to other options like fines, missed taxes and also bad relations with the neighbours.

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